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Form for a Free Regular Pond Web Site

This first section is information that I need to set up your page. Except for the subdirectory name and category of your site, this information will NOT be seen by others or shared with others. You must fill in all portions of this section.

Please fill out a separate form for each pond. You can have multiple free pages. See the FAQ for details on having multiple ponds and pages on them. You should only have ONE account or subdirectory. If you have more than one pond or more than one page (for paid versions), then they will all be linked from the main index page of your subdirectory.

Click here to see a sample of a regular free pond web site.

The account name is the subdirectory name and where your site (or multiple sites) will be found. For example, if you choose "Robyn," then your site appears at http://www.pondshowcase.com/Robyn/

Account Name:

Your Name:

This is a:

The password is for my use only so that when you want to make changes to your site, I know it is you. Write the password down now (you will not see it again). If you forget your password, send your account name and e-mail to me from my contact page, and I will e-mail your password.


Place my pond web site in this category:

This section is for how you want the page to be set up.

Would you like your name to appear in the copyright at the bottom of the page (along with mine)? Yes No

If I find spelling or grammar errors in your text, would you like me to correct them? Yes No

If the photo you send is wider than the page, do you want me to resize it or let it carry over (requiring left to right site movement)?
Resize if needed Do not alter the photo

This section is for the information that will actually appear on your site. All of the text inputs are optional. If you do not want any of them on the page, leave that entry blank.

Site Title:

After I receive your request, I will tell you where to send a photo for your Pond Showcase page (jpg or gif format only).
Caption for the photo (information about the photo such as the date and information):

E-mail (optional, be aware that robots often crawl web sites searching for e-mails to add to SPAM lists):

Web site (this can be your other pond web site, a site with your pond's photos, etc.):

Pond Volume (please specify units, gallons or liters preferred):

Pond Dimensions (please specify units, feet or meters preferred):

Location of Pond (city, state, country, as much or as little as you want to input):

Date pond was built/setup:

This pond holds water via:

This pond contains (check all that apply):
Goldfish Koi Other Fish Amphibians Snails Turtles Pond Plants

Text Box (type in whatever you want, limited to 500 letters; no coding please, just straight text):

I agree to the Rules and Conditions:
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