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Cozy Inn Pond Photos

On 11/09/07, we went to the Cozy Restaurant in Thurmont, MD for lunch. It is next to the Cozy Inn. Their web site is http://www.cozyvillage.com. The restaurant has a small museum for Camp David which is nearby. Various important people have dined and stayed there. In front of the restaurant, there are four ponds, I think. They are joined together via waterfalls in the summer. I took photos only of the main pond.

The pond and waterfall (off for winter).

The other end of the pond. You can see the rain falling on the water.

The goldfish (and a few small koi like the bigger fish on the far right) in the pond.

More goldfish and koi.

More goldfish and koi.

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Last Updated: 11/17/07.

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